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Please call 587-523-0754 to book with the lady of your choice, we do not take bookings through online chat.
You can view the Ladies Tab at the top of this page or view the Schedule tab, where you can click on each lady on the specified date you are looking for. Once you choose whom you'd like to book with please call the studio and choose a time and selected duration (30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr)

Upon entering please indicate if you have an appointment or that you are a walk-in. If you are a walk-in you will be able to meet the ladies available at that time. You can decide on whom you would like to stay with once being introduced to everyone and agree on a length of time. You will shower and your time will begin.

Hygiene is important to us, if the attendant insists you have a shower, please respect her wishes. We provide body wash & mouthwash, please feel free to use them.

RESPECT is also very important, when greeting the ladies, please be kind and courteous when saying hello. DISRECPECT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. NO VIDEO RECORDING, PLEASE PUT PHONES/CAMERAS AWAY!


Heading 2

11484 149TH ST

CALL 587-523-0754 TO BOOK

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